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Author: Michelle Gadd   Date Posted:17 April 2024 


Sunset over beach

It’s the light. I love the light at this time of year. The sunlight is such a rich orangey-gold hue as it streams through the trees. It alerts you to the cooler days ahead, and it reminds you to slow down and embrace the last rays of warming sunshine before they lose their punch. And of course…the sunsets…the sunsets, with the right amount of cloud coverage, well they can be spectacular. The myriad of pink and orange colours that come with these sunsets draws my attention to glorious Rosés


Depending on where you are in this vast country, it’s probably not quite time for warming reds (maybe it never is – hello folks in FNQ and NT), so I thought we would look at the abundant and diverse world of Rosé wines and highlight the different grapes used for Rosé. We will deep dive into 3 of these styles and match them with some seasonal recipes.


Read on and you will learn:

  • How are Rosé wines made?

  • What grape varieties are used for rosé.

  • What flavours to expect from each?

  • What are some perfect food matches?

  • Top recommended rosés to try?


Winemaking with a basket press

How Rosé Wines Are Made.

The Rosé winemaking process hinges upon its skilled use of grape skin contact, which is a critical factor in determining the colour and flavour profile of the wine. Unlike white wines, where the skins are removed immediately after pressing to avoid any coloration (apart from the skin-contact white wines aka “orange” wines, which have become hugely popular lately), Rosé wines allow the skins to remain in contact with the juice for a short period, typically two to twenty hours. This brief maceration period imparts the wine’s signature pink/orange hue and contributes to its flavour complexity.

In contrast, red wines undergo a longer maceration period where the skins are left in contact with the juice throughout the fermentation process. This extended skin contact is responsible for the deep red colour, robust flavours, and evident tannin structure of red wines.


Rose Grape Varieties and Flavours


Shiraz Rosé

Shiraz Rosé is an Aussie classic, known for its bold and fruity flavours. It typically has a vibrant pink hue and offers flavours of red fruit, such as raspberry and strawberry, with hints of spice and a subtle sweetness of fruit. This style of Rosé is perfect for those who enjoy a fruit-forward wine with a balance of richness and refreshing acidity.

Mercer Rosé

Its bolder profile pairs wonderfully with grilled or roasted meats and vegetables.


Recipes to match:


Suggested wine: Mercer Preservative Free Rose


Grenache Rosé

Often a lovely coral pink colour, Grenache Rosé offers a lighter, more delicate taste with a hint of spice. It delights with flavours of strawberry, raspberry, rosehip, and watermelon. Popular in Provence and Spain, Grenache rosé might be just what you need to fulfil your wanderlust. Usually dry and best served nice and cold.

Pair it with aromatic herbs and spices, and nightshades (tomato, red pepper, eggplant) for a culinary experience.

Yangarra Grenache Rosé


Recipes to match:


Suggested wine: Yangarra Grenache Rosé


Tempranillo Rosé

Tempranillo Rosé is a light and fruity wine that is easy to drink. It typically features sweet flavours balanced by the grape’s natural acidity, with red berries, cherries, and a savoury edge being prominent in the flavour profile. The wine is also known for its floral aromas, which are characteristic of the Tempranillo grape.

Spanish Mussels with Paprika & Tomatoes

Tempranillo Rosé, with its medium body and high acidity, is ideal for pairing with fatty foods. Its herbaceous and savoury aromas complement aromatic dishes with herbs. Enjoy it with Spanish tapas, chorizo, or a succulent duck to create a match made in heaven.


Recipes to match:


Suggested wine: Merinas Spanish Rosé


Now for a quick look at some of the other common red grape varietals.

Pinot Noir Rosé is typically fruity, fresh, and elegant. Expect mild acidity to brace its flavours of cherry, watermelon, and light spice. It’s a delightful choice for warm weather sipping.

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé leans towards the sweet side with aromatics of strawberry sauce, peaches, and hints of citrus. It’s a light-bodied wine that lacks the bitterness of red wine. Enjoy it chilled on its own or with light meals.

Sangiovese Rosé is a savoury wine with crisp acidity. Flavours of cherry, rose petal, peach, and sometimes sweet spices like cinnamon. Pairs well with richer foods and Thai curries.

Merlot Rosé offers red summer fruit flavours like cherries, red plum, raspberry, and watermelons. It’s fruity, floral, and less tannic than red wine. Enjoy it chilled, especially during hot summer days.


Cheers to experiencing beautiful sunsets and finding a perfect Rosé to match this season! I'm off to buy some mussels. ;-)

Warm Regards, Michelle 


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