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FAQ's about ordering & delivery

No. Sorry, we are an online business.

We have been trading since 2003 and we have thousands of happy customers. Please contact us if you are new to online shopping, or have any concerns. We are happy to speak to you in person and can even take an order over the phone if you prefer.
The minimum order amount is $60.
We deliver Australia wide at low rates using Fastway or Australia Post. Delivery of 12 or more bottles anywhere in Melbourne is FREE. Rates for Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide are $10; and Brisbane $12. Read more detailed information, including rates and timeframes here: delivery information
Pickup can be arranged. Please get in touch to discuss this option.
We will do our best! Please get in touch to discuss options.
Absolutely, we are happy to chat with you and take an order over the phone. Call 03 9387 0500 or mobile 0413 594 963.
Payments are made via our website using credit card or PayPal. Direct Deposit payments can be arranged if necessary, please contact us.


FAQ's about the wines we sell

In terms of grape-growing, ORGANIC agriculture is a holistic agricultural management system focused on ecosystem health and using only natural forms of fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides or other inputs. Organic farming is mindful of the environment; farming in ways which minimise the impact on the land and using resources in a sustainable manner. For more information on organic wine, read the full article .
No. In Australia, organic & biodynamic wine standards allow for a minimal amount of sulphur dioxide preservative to be added. We do stock many preservative free wines, most of these are organic. Our website clearly indicates whether a wine is organic, biodynamic, preservative free, vegan etc. Customers can easily search by category using the “Our Wine” menu. 
Not exactly, but for practical purposes we use the terms "preservative free" and "no added preservative" interchangeably. Even wines that have had no sulphur dioxide added in the winemaking process can still contain minute quantities, as sulphur dioxide can be produced naturally during fermentation.

We have hundreds of happy customers, who are sensitive to sulphur dioxide, buying wines in our "preservative free/no added preservative" range with no ill-effects. For more details please read the Wine & Preservatives article.
While organic farming in simple terms is all about natural and sustainable practices without the use of synthetic chemicals of any kind; biodynamics is all this and more.

Biodynamics; sometimes referred to as 'enhanced organic' or 'super-charged organic', has an overarching philosophy derived from the teachings of 1920’s Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. This holistic approach to agriculture, where all animals, plants and the solar system are seen as living inter-related systems impacting on each other, is the core of biodynamics. In practice; biodynamics is very much about soil health, using natural homeopathic preparations to enliven the earth and the vineyard. Vineyard activities are also undertaken in tune with cosmic rhythms, particularly lunar cycles. It is a fascinating area and worth further reading
There is no set definition of natural wine. In essence; natural wines are made with as few interventions or additions, and as little technology, as possible. Modern wines can be made using commercial yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, added tannins or acids, and may be fined and with egg/milk/fish bladders to remove imperfections. In the past, the wine was simply made by fermenting crushed grapes; and many winemakers are harking back to this minimalist tradition to create excitingly different wines. For more details read more or if you want to taste these gifts of nature: browse & buy natural wines
Vegan suitable wines do not use animal derived products in the wine making process. During winemaking, products called "fining agents" can be employed to remove undesirable flavours or visual characteristic. Many of these fining agents are animal-derived; egg whites, milk powder or fish bladders (isinglass). A vegan suitable wine avoids the use of these products, and, if fined will use alternative mineral based agents, such as bentonite clay. 
Want to buy vegan wine?


Check out our detailed articles below for more information.


  • Vegan Suitable
  • No Added Preservative
Brave New Wine Nat Daddy Pet-Nat 2021

Did someone say "PARTY TIME???" Because we heard it. Its the party in a bottle, made for fun times, but also serious eno...

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  • Vegan Suitable
  • No Added Preservative
Brave New Wine Mates & Lovers Pet-Nat 2021

Dusty rose in colour, its heady aroma hints at fun stuff like toffee apples, rose water, and apricots. Zippy acid provid...

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  • Vegan Suitable
Pet Nat Tasting 3 Pack

Try some amazing low preservative Pet Nat Sparkling wines now. Petillant Naturel (Pet Nat) wines are sparkling wines mad...


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  • Vegan Suitable
  • No Added Preservative
Brave New Wine Glitter Us Pet-Nat 2021

Delicate anise spice, crunchy Granny Smith, clean and complex. As in life, balance is key here. zesty acid works with sa...

from $30.99

  • Vegan Suitable
  • No Added Preservative
Brave New Wine Pet Nat 3 Pack

Try these amazing Preservative Free Pet Nat Sparkling wines from Brave New Wine. These wine have Zero additions, simply ...