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At Gulgong NSW, in the Central Ranges wine district, we have adopted NASAA certified organic farming practices being the key to maintaining soil health. Our vineyard is not degraded through the constant application of non-degradable inputs, therefore retaining natural soil health and providing longer-term sustainability to the vineyard. The Organic certification ensures the absence of conventional pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers in the grape growing/winemaking processes.

Our vineyard soil types are deeper, fertile red loam over a medium clay with a sprinkle of quartz stone ridges across the block. The age of the established vineyard is approaching 25 year-old. Our aim is to maintain healthy soils through using only organic certified products and grape compost throughout the vineyard, conserving water usage, preserving local ecosystems and wildlife habitat throughout the vineyard. In return our Vineyard delivers vibrant crops with rich, generous fruit flavour, balanced tannins and natural acidity.

Each autumn we introduce a flock of sheep into the vineyard which assist with weed and grass control in the most sustainable way possible whilst adding sheep manure as extra natural fertiliser along the way.

Nature is a very curious and amazing, and as organic vineyard owners we are constantly surprised how our vines can perform each year with such minimal intervention!

SUSTAINABLE WINE PRODUCTION Our Organic Wines are made naturally within our own NASAA Certified Organic Winemaking facility where the fruit flavours combined with the dominate characteristics of our vineyard terroir are allowed to shine through in the wine glass. Using these natural winemaking practices, we aim to achieve optimal flavour and purity within our wines. We compost our winery outputs being the grape skins and stems and spread them over our vineyard to increase organic matter. This is critical for all farming but is the focus for organic farmers. We also recycle the water used in our winery and this water is then re-used to irrigate areas of the property.

  • Certified Organic
Miracle On The Wire Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Ruby red in the glass with typical Cabernet Sauvignon aromas of dark fruits; think stewed plums, black berries, tobacco ...

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  • Certified Organic
Miracle On The Wire Organic Merlot 2017

On the nose there are gentle aromas of aniseed, raspberry, and some initial warmth. To taste there is generous red fruit...

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  • Certified Organic
Miracle On The Wire Organic Shiraz 2017

With an appealing garnet red, this wine is wow on the nose! Hints of tobacco, leather, lemon scented gum, and violets. T...

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  • Certified Organic
Miracle On The Wire Red 6 Pack

Sit back and relax and let these three slow made red wines put a smile on your face. A wonderful accompaniment with your...

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