Geese in Bunn Wines VineyardIrene and Richard Bunn, planted wine grape varieties to suit the local cool climate of the Great Southern wine growing region, located south of Mount Barker in Western Australia. In 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon was planted followed in 1998 by Shiraz vines. Seeking to produce iconic wines, the expertise of talented winemaker David McNamara was engaged to produce preservative free, natural wines from biodynamically grown fruit.

Whilst the vineyard was developing a purpose built winery was constructed to produce the 2003 vintage, that when released gained a cult like following. Bunn Wine has been included in the National Australian Slow Food Wine Library at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival since 2006. The 2003 vintage sold out in a very short time, which gave further inspiration to invest the extra care it takes to produce intense and complex wines. The demand for Bunn Wine and its popularity has steadily increased over time with all vintages selling out.

The Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vines are cane pruned and dry grown in rocky laterite soil on north facing slopes. Cane pruning produces concentrated fruit of low yield and high quality. The vines are un-irrigated relying on rainfall only. Biodynamic preparations and natural inputs including farm made composts, dolomite, rock phosphate and limestone, promote the vitality of the vines and greatly enhance soil biology. There is no leaching of chemicals into groundwater or waterways. These methods enable a mineral rich & biologically active soil food web to nurture the vines which in turn produces healthy fruit in a clean environment.

As there is no need for synthetic fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides or residual herbicides, we are able to allow ducks, chickens and guinea fowl to roam the vineyard, converting snails, grubs and beetles into plant available nutrients.

The fruit is picked when flavour and tannins are at full ripeness and the weather is favourable. Wines that have multi-dimensional aromatic and complex flavour profiles can then be created from the intense fruit produced at Bunn's Vineyard.


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