Hochkirch vineyard lies on a north facing slope 250 m. above sea level along an elevated plateau running southwest from Dunkeld at the foot of the Grampians in far south west Victoria. Terrain is gently undulating with the Grampians commanding attention to the north. The vineyard is bounded to the south by a roadway and elsewhere adjoins our biodynamic farm which also produces Demeter wool, meat and grain. Semillon was first planted in 1990 with further plantings in 1997. All vines are on own roots with no rootstocks at all used in the vineyard.<br.
Red brown basalt loam over stony gravel defers to clay at depth. Naturally our vines are not irrigated in this cold climate with ample spring/summer rainfall. High density planting (2000-2500/acre) with closely spaced vines, manual cane pruning and strict control of yield produces a low yield per vine (ca 500g) and allows an optimal crop to languidly ripen during the balmy days and cold nights of autumn.

Biodynamic vineyard management uses careful observation of natures rhythms including lunar and planetary cycles, and natural preparations to nurture and enliven the earth's soil allowing a balanced healthy and productive vineyard ecosystem, with complete avoidance of synthetic chemicals and poisons. 2003 marks our first year of Demeter certified production.


  • Vegan Suitable
  • Certified Biodynamic

Hochkirch Riesling 2016

This is a Riesling to savour, vibrant nose of citrus & pear, with a floral blossom note. On the palate there is a steeli...

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  • Vegan Suitable
  • Certified Biodynamic

Hochkirch Syrah 2012

A fragrant & spicy medium bodied wine with plenty of complexity. Aromas of earth & plums with a touch of black pepper & ...

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