Tamburlaine 2006 Gestalt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon



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Winery/Brand: Tamburlaine Organic Wines


“Few could dispute that this is one of the best organic whites on the market. Immediately attractive with a sweet yet easy-going bouquet and a first taste of honey, gooseberry, perfume and pineapple, there's some other mystical element which makes you just want to swig it across the palate fast and get it down the throat. It delights all angles of the tongue and has a strange positive clawing - more please! The improvement in the Tamburlaine brand is stratospheric and if this "sauvignon blanc semillon" is symptomatic of the direction they're heading in, then this is a label to watch for reasons beyond the simple fact of their organic motivations. What's also charming/alluring about these folk, embodied in the fresh energy of winemaker Mark Davidson, is that they appear to be enjoying themselves big time in everything from the sentiments on the label to the expanded versions on the tasting notes. We approve - we can taste the flavour known as 'enjoyment'.” Review by the wine folks at www.sydneycafes.com.au



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GrapesSauvignon Blanc
PackagingGlass Bottle