Rosnay Sparkling Vintage Chardonnay 2012

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  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan Suitable
  • Wild (Natural) Yeast Fermentation


Winery/Brand: Rosnay


This sparkling is creamy soft and pearly, lean, crisp, tight, prosecco-like.

A high natural acidity and low alcohol base wine is sent to a specialist winery for the second fermentation and bottling under pressure, all under strict certified organic certification. The bubbles are produced through natural pressurised fermentation using the Charmat (pressure tank) method. The finished wine has a balance of acidity and sweetness, but is not excessively dry and puckering.

Certified Organic, low preservative, vegan friendly, natural Australian sparkling wine, off-dry and balanced with natural acidity and green apple flavours from early harvesting of Chardonnay.



The Story

The Vintage Chardonnay has been one of Rosnay’s most unique and successful wines. First made in 2008, it has shown the versatility of Chardonnay in the Cowra wine region, and shows why Cowra is best known for this grape variety.

The Vineyards

The Chardonnay fruit for the base wine is picked early for natural and elegant acidity, in late January, when it is in the granny-smith apple flavour spectrum. No Pinot is grown at rosnay, making this 100% Chardonnay “Blanc de Blancs”.

2012 Vintage Data

Blend: Chardonnay 90% Semillon 10%

Alcohol: 11.5%

Acidity: 7 g/l approx

Residual sugar: 7 g/l approx

Sulphur dioxide: Approx 20ppm free / 110ppm total

Animal proteins: Not added

The bubbles are produced through natural pressurised fermentation using the Charmat (pressure tank) method. The wines have acidity around 7-8 grams per litre, residual sugar at 7 grams per litre, and moderate alcohol around 10.5-11.5%, making them balanced, approachable but also suitable for ageing.

2011 Vintage Awards
Silver Medal

Cowra National Wine Show – 2012

The Specs

Wine TypeChampagne & Sparkling
RegionCowra, NSW
Alcohol %11.5
Certified OrganicYes
Vegan SuitableYes
ClosureCork (natural)
PackagingGlass Bottle