Rosnay Freedom Preservative Free Red 2014

Image of Rosnay Freedom Preservative Free Red 2014



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  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan Suitable
  • No Added Preservative (Preservative Free)
  • Wild (Natural) Yeast Fermentation


Winery/Brand: Rosnay


This is a medium bodied wine with rounded velvety tannins, and flavours of dark berry fruit, blackberry and spice. It is drier than the 2013 Freedom Red and would suit the "classic shiraz" drinker. The wine is bottled early with no added sulfites or fining agents. Vegan friendly.

The 2014 Freedom Red is made from 100% Shiraz. The wine is not made for ageing. Only a limited amount of this wine is produced each year to ensure that the wine is sold within 12 months of bottling. The original label painting by Florence Statham is of the Ibis who are wonderful and frequent visitors to Rosnay.



The Story

Preservative Free means the wine was made without any preservatives, in particular, sulfur dioxide. Preservative free red wine has a very vibrant colour with tinges of purple when first bottled, reducing slightly as the wine slowly oxidises in the bottle. The flavours are equally rich and vibrant.

Review of 2013 Vintage
“ This is a good, snappy, bright young red, too - both biodynamically grown Max Allen @maxallenwine twitter 2nd Sept 2013

The Specs

Wine TypeRed
RegionCowra, NSW
Alcohol %13
Certified OrganicYes
No Added PreservativeYes
Vegan SuitableYes
PackagingGlass Bottle