Rosnay Freedom Preservative Free Chardonnay 2016

Image of Rosnay Freedom Preservative Free Chardonnay 2016



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  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan Suitable
  • No Added Preservative (Preservative Free)
  • Wild (Natural) Yeast Fermentation


Winery/Brand: Rosnay


Grown at Rosnay by the Statham family, this organically grown Chardonnay has lovely flavours of ripe varietal chardonnay, melon, hazelnuts and butterscotch. It is free of added sulfites and animal proteins. Enjoy now.



The Story

The Vineyards

The priority is to use the cleanest fruit to make this wine each year, and so it could be from any part of the vineyard, however it has so far been both the Chardonnay and Semillon, that forms the Freedom White. As acidity is an important preserving compound in wine, the preservative free white grapes are picked slightly earlier than normal.

2016 Vintage Data

Blend: Chardonnay 95% Semillon 5%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Sulphur dioxide: Not added

Animal proteins: Not added

The Specs

Wine TypeWhite
RegionCowra, NSW
Alcohol %13.5
Certified OrganicYes
No Added PreservativeYes
Vegan SuitableYes
PackagingGlass Bottle