Retief Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Image of Retief Cabernet Sauvignon 2012



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  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan Suitable
  • Wild (Natural) Yeast Fermentation


Winery/Brand: Retief Wines


Michelle says "I love the Retief wines, Lyn & Francoise are lovely people, and their wines have an elegance & purity. The alcohol is modest which allows the complex flavours to shine.

The nose is full yet understated; red fruit aromas with some spice and savoury characters. The palate is incredibly balanced - soft yet full with well rounded soft tannins, subtle red fruits and gentle spice. Lighter casis berries mix with deeper cigar tobacco and a rich earthiness which evolves into a long, lingering finish.



The Story

Nurtured by the Retief family since its establishment in 1997, the small Winbirra certified biodynamic vineyard is located S.E. of Wagga Wagga in Gundagai Wine Region’s beautiful Kyeamba Valley, where vines were first planted in the early 1840s. Produced from the organic grapevines nurtured sustainably here at Winbirra in harmony with biodynamic principles, allowing expression of natural seasonal characteristics, this wine is to be savoured and shared with good company - not only on special occasions.

Minimal Sulphur Dioxide added < 70ppm

Vegan Friendly

The Specs

Wine TypeRed
RegionGundagai, NSW
GrapesCabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol %13
Certified OrganicYes
Vegan SuitableYes
PackagingGlass Bottle
CellaringDrink now & share with good company