Millton Crazy by Nature Dry Flint Chenin Blanc 2012

Image of Millton Crazy by Nature Dry Flint Chenin Blanc 2012



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  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Biodynamic
  • Wild (Natural) Yeast Fermentation


Winery/Brand: Millton Wines


From the 2012 harvest we have this vibrant zingy Chenin Blanc, with lively mineral notes, racy flint aromas and dry mouth-watering flavours. It is refreshing in its expressive style and juicy acidity. A versatile food wine, particularly suitable with fresh seafood, summer salads or to accompany a picnic under the shade of an old oak tree, with friends.



The Story

“In 1984 they thought we were crazy to grow our grapes organically. We’ve spent the last twenty-five years proving that they were right! Now, it seems everybody wants to be crazy, and that’s just what this planet needs. Crazy by Nature – makes perfect sense.”

We are one of the first winegrowers in the Southern Hemisphere to practice the use of biodynamic techniques in the vineyard and cellar. We’ve learnt that if you are kind to Nature she will always repay you with quality. We try and build a balance; to create harmony so that there will be no place for “dis-ease”. It’s no secret that the best bottle of wine is made from grapes of a vine that has been grown with sensitivity to the environment. We use special herbal, mineral and animal preparations and don’t use herbicide, insecticide, systemic fungicide or soluble fertiliser.

Total acidity: 8.5g/l
pH: 3.26
Alcohol: 12.0% Vol
Residual Sugar: 9.5g/l
Harvest date: 10th – 11th Apr 2012
Bottled on: 7th Nov 2012
Released on: 1st Dec 2012

The Specs

RegionGisborne, New Zealand
GrapesChenin Blanc
Certified OrganicYes
Certified BiodynamicYes
PackagingGlass Bottle