Macaw Creek 2002 Yoolang Preservative Free Shiraz



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Winery/Brand: Macaw Creek


Medium bodied wine full of freshness and vitality, with a dark cherry colour and ripe blackberry and plum aromas. The palate is soft and rounded with excellent sweet fruit flavours and chalky tannins.



The Story

The warm autumn period experienced in 2002 was terrific for shiraz and this wine is a perfect statement of what is great about shiraz in 2002. Bottled young with a small amount of time in French oak it has captured the wonderful ripe rich blackberry fruit of varietal shiraz from the Gilbert Valley and the distinctive soft, supple mouth filling fruit weight seen in the 2002 reds. This wine has been made using modern wine making technology with strict oxygen control (exclusion) to retain natural fruit freshness without resorting to the use of sulphur dioxide (preservative 220). The natural preservative qualities of alcohol and tannins will ensure that the Yoolang will continue to improve with the bottle for the next 5-8 years.

The Specs

PackagingGlass Bottle