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Bunn 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

Albany, Great Southern
Cabernet Sauvignon
$21.00 in a mixed 12
$20.00 in a straight 12
$22.00 less than 12
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Tasting Notes:
The nose shows just a hint of oak married to the characteristic cedar notes of cool climate Cabernet. A warm earthiness is coming through on the palate and a seamless complex of flavours persists in the empty glass (a very good sign). The wine is showing amazing balance for such a cool year and will keep improving for years to come.
Background, Vintage and Winemaker Notes:
The wines are made on site using small open ferementers, wild yeast and no preservative. They are basket pressed and matured in small oak casks for at least 30 months - fining or filtration is not necessary. The wine is bottle aged in their cellar prior to release when it is ready for consumption.