Retief Wines

Following in her late parents footsteps Lyn Retief with husband Francois, respect their land and live in harmony with it. Established in 1997 their small vineyard at Winbirra, in the beautiful Kyeamba Valley, south east of Wagga Wagga accomplishes what it is innately designed to do; produce high quality and flavourful grapes that possess unique characteristics with a distinguishable sense of place.

After inspiration gained at the first International Biodynamic Wine Forum at Beechworth in 2004, the Retief's converted their 10 year-old vineyard to biodynamic, gaining certification in 2006. With minimal intervention they nurture their vineyard sustainably, in harmony with biodynamic principles. In this way they allow the grapes natural characters to develop, reflecting the 'terroir' as well as seasonal variations to bring out the innate sweetness and succulence which is evident in their wines.

Also cattle grazers and producers of organic beef, Lyn and Francois see the small vineyard as part of the entire farm. During its dormancy the cattle assist to enhance the biodiversity of the soil by grazing and fertilising, hand-in-hand with guinea fowl, wildlife, seasonal biodynamic preparations numbered from 500-507, ongoing revegetation and regeneration, all of which impact positively on the grapes. Of equal influence is the timing of seasonal pruning and harvesting further in accordance with biodynamic principles.

With less than 90 parts per million (ppm) and no animal products used at all, their award winning and highly praised wines are appealing not only to wine connoisseurs but also to vegans as well as those who cannot tolerate highly acidic wines.


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