O'Donohoes Find

Located at Berri in the Scenic Riverland of South Australia, where the Murray River meanders through a little corner of Outback Australia, O'Donohoe's Farm has been certified a level A organic since 1990. In the arid climate, we use water very sparingly, and because of it yields are reduced to less than two tonnes per acre. The vines tolerate the hot north winds which blow in for thousands of kilometres over the "red" and the grapes have small berries with concentrated flavour and colour. To improve biodiversity, the soil has a mulched surface. The micro-environment of the mourvédre vines has not been disturbed for twenty three years.

The Label shows seven O'Donohoe brothers from Cork, Ireland, proprietors of Hillen Grove Condenser (changing salty bore water to fresh water) at Menzies Western Australia goldfields in 1896. After leaving Plymouth, England, on 3rd December 1880 six of the young brothers aged from 3 to 11 years arrived at Port Adelaide with their mother Catherine on 16th March 1881. Just earlier Patrick her husband, had come to Australia with the eldest son, through New York. Later the boys went prospecting for gold to Ballarat, to the Palmer River in North Queensland and then to the Kalgoorlie, Leonora and Menzies area of the Western Australia goldfields. By 1896 Tom, my grandfather who sits in the middle of the photo holding Casey, his dog, was 26 years old.


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