Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor is the label of Emily Laughton, daughter of Jasper Hill's owners, Ron and Elva Laughton.

A teacher by training, a traveller by choice and a vigneron by preference and practice, Emily made her first vintage in 2001, buying grapes from independent local growers, Andrew and Melissa Conforti, from the neighbouring town of Mia Mia, within the Heathcote wine region. (Andrew is also Vineyard Supervisor with Jasper Hill, so there is a connection.)

“Like Dad, my philosophy is to keep it uncomplicated and don't muck around with it too much. “William of Occam was a 13th century English philosopher who devised quite a few kooky theories. One of his better ones states that the simplest explanation is generally the most correct; in other words, cut away the b... sh.. and get back to basics"

Emily increasingly shares the wine-making duties with her father and sees a long future ahead for herself, her label and Jasper Hill.

Occam's Razor is produced in small, highly prized quantities based on the same bio-dynamic principles as Jasper Hill. The 2004 vintage is the her fourth.


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