Horner Wines

Little Ash Horner, sat in the corner, mixing his grapes and yeasts!

Hailing from the Upper Hunter Valley, surrounded by great wine makers and their vines, Ash Horner was destined for wine making.  Starting his career with Rosemount Estate at the tender age of 18 (hardly old enough to try his creations!), Ash practiced his craft for several years before flying the coop and exploring other wine regions around Australia.  He’s had a tinker with all the big names, Penfolds, Kamberra Estate, Coonawarra, Mount Pleasant, and has even hopped across the Tasman to learn a thing or two from the folk at Saint Clair in New Zealand.  His most recent stint was at Tamburlaine, where Ash crafted all of the organic and preservative free wines for the best part of a decade.  This man certainly knows what he’s doing.

This love of vines and wine making was obviously infectious, Ash’s parents, Glen and Josephine, established a vineyard (now fully certified organic) and four years ago Ash created, and won awards for, his first wine using fruit from the family vines.  Since then Ash and his partner Lauren, have devoted more and more time to the Horner label, experimenting with the varietals that they grow themselves; verdelho, chardonnay, viognier and shiraz, as well as sourcing grapes from other organic vineyards in Cowra and Orange.

Ash loves making wine.  With a particular passion for experimenting with chardonnay, he is sure to keep us on our toes with new and exciting vintages in years to come.  The Horner family has worked hard to establish a foothold among the organic wine giants, and they aim to one day produce wine using only their own grapes.   

Horner Wines are well balanced and a joy to drink.  The flavours coaxed from the grapes during the wine making process from vine to bottle, range from fresh and light, to rich and velvety.  This is a wine making dynasty worth following on their journey.


  • Certified Organic
ASH Horner Organic 6 Pack

SIx of the best from ASH Horner, Verdelho, Rose, Shiraz and Shiraz Viognier... All single vineyard wines, all small bat...


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  • Certified Organic
Ash Horner Organic Rose 2018

As pretty as they come, with sweetly inviting herbaceous aromas, this rose is strawberries and cream with a savoury edge...

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  • Certified Organic
Ash Horner Organic Shiraz 2017

This wine is ruby red with hints of chocolate and violets. Subtle savoury tannins back up flavours of plums and ripe bl...

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  • Certified Organic
Ash Horner Organic Verdelho 2018

Hello tropical holiday! Flavours and aromas of pineapple and passionfruit, with lovely citrus notes. This wine transpo...

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