Gardners Ground

Gardners Ground, an early member of the Rivers Road Organic Farms, is sited on the southern bank of the Belubula River & was selected as a site for an organic vineyard in 1996 after an extensive search of south-eastern Australia. It was selected for its geological formation as well as its natural beauty.

The vineyard was always planned to be organic and the use of chemicals ceased in 1996. The soil structure and drainage were extensively surveyed with detailed assessment by professional staff. The vines were planted after cropping the area with lupins to improve the organic matter in the soil and increase nitrogen content.

The climate in Canowindra provides hot summers and cool winters with rainfall quite evenly distributed. During the growing season rainy days are less frequent, allowing the growth of Mediterranean crops, (including grapes) with reduced disease pressure.

With the rainfall of 580mm per year, irrigation is primarily used in the establishment of young vines and at the commencement of the growing period. As organic growers, we are prepared to accept lower yields than conventional growers, but we achieve those yields without the use of artificial fertilizers. We demand the vine acquires its strength from the soil. Every berry is more flavoursome and contains more of the beneficial anti-oxidant components that reside in organic wine


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