Don't Mess With Mother Nature

"Established, 1999 our family purchased a 10 acre patch consisting primarily 50 + year old sultanas, Shiraz & Cab Sav Wine Grapes. The property was flood irrigated and has since been changed to a pressurized system. The original vines have been updated and the property redeveloped considerably and doubled in size.

As I was gaining an understanding of viticulture I became concerned at the methods used to produce a natural product with a reliance on synthetic fertilizers and chemical sprays. I had always had an interest in the environment and had read some material on permaculture and organic farming. We decided to avoid or minimise the use of chemicals on the property mainly for our own health and to produce a cleaner natural product. We use only organic fertilizers and natural products at minimal levels as to controlling disease.

In 2001 we began the process of gaining organic certification. As a result we are now members of Biological Farmers Australia (BFA) and have achieved A grade certification status.

Our first vintage is the 2005 Shiraz, Cab Sav and Rose. As well as wine we produce table grapes, dried fruits and a variety of melons in season. The most positive feedback comment concerns the enhanced flavour compared to conventionally produced products. Our “farm” now consists of a dozen free range hens, geese and ducks as well as our own fruit trees and of course some of the original vines. It is a very small family operation in its infancy aiming to provide a healthy high quality product.

Our business name “Don't Mess With Mother Nature” stands for the way we intend to operate. " Scott Anderson


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