Cloudscape Wines (formerly Kangaroo Hill Wines) is a very small non-irrigated vineyard & winery established by Jan Ward and Andre Deutsch. They believe in a biodynamic approach and specialise in quality handmade wines with no added preservatives. The new name was inspired by the amazing views of the sky and clouds that are afforded from their property.

Solar shed and the clouds, Drummond via Daylesford, VIC

“As well as making fine wines, our aim is to have as little impact on the environment as possible and so we treat our vineyard and our wines differently from a lot of other people. Our pinot noir vines, grown on the north facing slope of Kangaroo Hill, are un-irrigated which is a) good for the environment and b) great for the vines, as fruit from un-irrigated vines better expresses the “terroir” of the site and is also more drought tolerant. Healthy soil makes for healthy vines and better wine so no artificial pesticides, fungicides or fertilisers are used in the vineyard and the soil and all its micro-organisms are kept healthy with biodynamic preparations and organic compost.”


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