Torito Bravo Organic Tempranillo 2015

Winery / Brand: Torito Bravo
Region: Spain
Grapes: Tempranillo
A ruby red colour with a bright tone. Typical aromas from this wine are savoury red fruits with a hint of liquorice. In the mouth is smooth, pleasant, and complex with a long finish.

Yum! Is there any wine that says ‘Spain’ more than a well coloured, fruit flavoured, low acid, low tannin, easy drinking Tempranillo? I think not! In Spain Tempranillo is the shining star of the Rioja region, and is grown in other regions across the country.
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On drinking a traditionally made Spanish Tempranillo you’ll find that the first taste is a hit of cherries and leather, tobacco, clove, liquorice and vanilla can also feature in the flavour profile.  The finish is mild and smooth and with lingering tannins.  If you’ve done a comparison, Australian Tempranillo, or a Spanish wine created with more modern techniques, can tend to be more richly full bodied, with dark sweet fruit and overly ripe cherries.  Other grapes can be added in small quantities to add weight to the wine.  If you’re looking, rather than drinking, traditional Tempranillo can look more translucent in a glass than say Shiraz or Cab Sav, this is because the Temp grapes are larger and have thinner skins.  Due to the style of traditional oak aging in Spain, the wine often has a more orangey colour, and the texture isn’t thick or oily.

Tempranillo is generally made to be drunk young, although very good wineries do lay down a reserve batch.  In keeping with the Spanish love of tapas and delicious food, Tempranillo, a very ‘social’ wine, is a brilliant accompaniment to Spanish style dishes, olives or a charcuterie plate.  Actually, the savoury nature of the wine means it generally pairs well with all kinds of foods.  Chorizo pizza anyone?

Notes from the winery

A ruby red colour with a bright tone. Typical aroma from this varietal that make us remember red fruits like blackberries. In the mouth is pleasant, complex, and with a long finish.

Produced by controlled fermentation at 24º in stainless steel tanks. The best served temperature is between 14 ºC and 18º C.

Origin: DO Yecla
Made with grapes from organic farming.
Blend: 100% Tempranillo


Wine / Product specifications
Wine Type Red
Region Spain
Grapes Tempranillo
Vintage 2015
Alcohol % 13.5
Certification Certified Organic
Vegan Status Vegan Suitable
Closure Screwcap
Volume 750mL
Packaging Glass Bottle

WARNING: Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 for Victoria, it is an offence: to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $17,000); or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (Penalty exceeds $700). Liquor License No. 36104187.